VCD Conferences (&/or conferences that include some info. about VCD)

in 2016

Fri., Sept. 30, 2016 to Sat. Oct. 1, 2016 (2 day conference)  in Colorado, that includes some information about VCD. See this link:


National Jewish previously held their 3rd National Conference on VCD,

 Thurs. and Fri.,  July 19-20, 2007,
in Denver, Colorado

Title of Conference was:
'Moving Forward with Diagnosis and Management of Vocal Cord Dysfunction / Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion' 

For information about getting onto email list re: future VCD Conferences at Nat'l Jewish, email:  ProEd@njc.org    Or, call their Office of Professional Education, at 800-844-2305, or 303-398-1000.

Medical staff from the Interdisciplinary Team at National Jewish who work with VCD/PVFM presented about allergies, impact of environmental irritants,  psychosocial issues in adult and pediatric patients, success with Biofeedback and Hypnosis, laryngeal (voice box/vocal cord, etc.) evaluation procedures, and variations in the clinical presentations of VCD/PVFM.

Clinicians and researchers from across the United States and Australia presented results in psychological evaluations, comorbidities [co-existing illnesses, ailments, conditions] in the military population, descriptive studies,  use of the Estill Voice Techniques, unusual medical disorders presenting as VCD/PVFM and developing a research data base. 

Clinical Hands-On teaching sessions covered adaptation of Breathing Techniques for individual patients, and Activity-Based Breathing Techniques with athletes.

Viewing the 'Posters' and discussing the information with Presenters was scheduled in the Program, and exhibitors were available to demonstrate and discuss equipment.

Lunch on Friday, July 20, was open choice with a faculty person facilitating discussion at each table on topics such as research, treatment approaches, patients with additional medical issues,  and the direction VCD/PVFM should go.  

Summaries of the discussions were presented to the entire group, fulfilling the goal of the Conference – what do we know and where should we go in diagnosis and treatment of VCD/PVFM.


Learning Objectives of this Nat'l Jewish VCD Conference were:

  • Recognize the clinical presentations of VCD,
  • Define pathophysiology [what happens physically, to cause VCD], epidemiology [who may be more likely to get VCD, where, and why], prevalence and risk factors [pre-existing conditions, triggers, etc.] in VCD/PVFM
  • Identify co-existing medical conditions that affect patients with VCD
  • Discuss psychological aspects of VCD in adult and pediatric patients
  • Apply clinical skills using state of the art techniques developed for patients with VCD
  • Summarize new approaches adapted from other disciplines used with patients with VCD
This Nat'l Jewish VCD Conference, was a great and rare opportunity to hear experienced and expert physicians and speech pathologists, who have diagnosed and treated many VCD patients, since the 1980’s! Attendees learned a lot about VCD, including some of its many possible causes, and learned what works, and why, to help VCD patients conquer their VCD! They asked questions, and shared experiences, with speakers and other attendees.

All interested medical people, speech pathologists, and allied health professionals (AHP’s) were welcome and invited to attend this important VCD conference:

The following were welcome to attend: ER (Emergency Room) physicians, Allergists, Otolaryngologists (ENT/ear, nose & throat physicians), Gastroenterologists, Endocrinologists, Neurologists, Pediatricians, Primary Care Physicians, Pulmonologists (lung doctors), Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Anesthesiologists, other physicians (MD's, DO's ND's), Nurses, including school nurses, Physician’s Assistants, Speech & Language Pathologists (SLP’s), including school SLP’s, Dentists, ER & ambulance personnel, Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s), Respiratory Therapists (RT’s), Pharmacists, Researchers, etc.

Nat’l Jewish held 3 previous interesting and clinically helpful VCD Conferences, in 2001, 2003, and 2007, called “Advances in Diagnosis & Treatment of Vocal Cord Dysfunction: A State-of-the Art Conference”. I have added much info from these conferences, to this website, and am adding info from the above 3rd VCD Conference.

See webpage 7, about becoming a patient at Nat’l Jewish, in Denver, CO.

If you know about any future VCD conferences, please e-mail me at (see email below) with information about them. I will add your information to this page, to help publicize VCD conferences for interested medical professionals, and for allied health professionals.

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