Who knows a lot about VCD, in the medical community?

Both my husband and I found out we each had VCD (at different times), by being diagnosed at National Jewish Medical & Research Center (NJC), in Denver, Colorado. From our personal experience with VCD, we learned that National Jewish Center (NJC) has kind medical people with excellent knowledge about VCD and other respiratory ailments, etc. 

National Jewish Center uses a team approach, including pediatric and adult doctors, allergists, environmental & occupational doctors (clinical ecology doctors), ear nose and throat doctors, lung doctors (pulmonologists), speech therapists (now called speech pathologists), psychologists, psychiatrists, emergency room nurses and doctors ("triage"), clinic nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, pharmacists, lab technicians, admissions personnel, medical librarians, records personnel, and others.

National Jewish Center's phone numbers are 303-388-4461 and 1-800-222-LUNG(5864) -- then press whatever number the recording says to press, to be connected with the LUNG LINE NURSE. Call Monday-Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm, Mountain Time (Colorado time).

For useful information on "How to Become a Patient" at National Jewish Hospital, click on this link: http://nationaljewish.org/patient-info/index.aspx

This link also includes phone numbers for "specialty clinics" at National Jewish Center, such as Sleep Health Centers (for sleep apnea, etc.), Mycobacterial/Infectious Diseases, and Psychosocial Services.

National Jewish Center helps patients with all kinds of respiratory conditions, auto-immune conditions, and other conditions.

If you can't go to National Jewish Medical & Research Center, ask the LUNG LINE NURSE for names, phone numbers, and addresses of doctors and Speech Pathologists/Therapists in YOUR AREA who trained at National Jewish Hospital, and who know about Vocal Cord Dysfunction, etc.

Email me, at csidofsky@gmail.com and/or, call me (970-509-9732), to help you find resources (doctors, speech pathologists/speech therapists, etc.) near you, who know about VCD. And, keep reading in this VCD website--never give up!--and keep asking questions! See email (link) below, at bottom of this webpage:

For people in GERMANY, Marianne Krommer said (1/03) there is the first SELF-HELP GROUP for VCD patients in Germany. See link (Z) on "links" webpage. The website for this group, is at:

If you, or any DOCTORS, SPEECH THERAPISTS, CLINICS, etc. you know of, (here in the U.S. and also in OTHER countries) would like to be added to this section, please e-mail me. (See email, below.)

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