Can VCD be cured or prevented?

In most cases, VCD can be cured! Or, if not completely cured, VCD can often be controlled so well, that attacks rarely happen any more, and the patient may even forget that he or she still "has" VCD!

My husband reminded me that IT TAKES TIME for the vocal cords to RECOVER from the initial, constant, or repeated IRRITATION(S) of Gastric Reflux (can be acid reflux, alkaline reflux, or neutral "ph" reflux--all types are irritating), Irritating Substances inhaled (Irritants), Sinus related Post Nasal Drip, and many other "insults". (See pages 3-5)

As soon as you begin to eliminate (or lessen/decrease) the underlying causes, triggers, and aggravators of VCD, and gently treat any predisposing/co-existing conditions relating to VCD, you will be giving your vocal cords the TIME they need to become LESS SENSITIVE to unavoidable VCD "TRIGGERS"!!

Keep working (daily) on eliminating all the "insults". Good results may happen fast, but sometimes it can take several weeks to MONTHS to fully recover. Even then, some folks require daily "maintenance" work to keep the vocal cords healthy, to PREVENT future VCD ATTACKS.

Also very helpful, are de-sensitization techniques, that experts, such as the folks at National Jewish Hospital, use with VCD patients. Some of these methods include bio-feedback, hypnosis, self hypnosis, exercise pacing/coaching and others. (See page 7)

Be patient with your vocal cords, but get yourself the best medical care possible, as soon as you can. There is hope and help! Keep asking questions, (All questions are GOOD questions!) and NEVER GIVE UP!

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